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NEW! VGWhoIs (Fork by ViaThinkSoft)

For people who are researching holders of domains, e.g. because of legal issues or for people who are writing software which needs to find out which country is assigned to an IP it is hard to get a good source for whois information in plain text form. Most services either deny requests from bots, are hard to parse, are filtering email-addresses, limiting your amount of queries or do not delegate to the correct whois server (e.g. Asian IPs are queried by the ARIN server instead of APNIC). It is possible to use the Linux command "whois" for this purpose, but this is only possible if you are using Linux and if you have the permission to access this command. ViaThinkSoft has a good alternative to provide a free access whois server. Robots as well as normal users are allowed. This service mainly aquires its informations from an improved version of Debian Linux's gwhois command and improves the formatting in further treatment. All tools are IPv6 capable.

ViaThinkSoft offers the following tools:

Please note that hacks, spamming or abuse of the whois data is not allowed. Abuse of this service will be logged and prosecuted. Act and use the information at your OWN RISK. We are not responsible for the correctnes of the provided data. Due to overload/restrictions of the WhoIs servers the service may fail. ViaThinkSoft Internet Tools are a free online service without any warranty and without liability. Use at your own risk. By sending any request, you accept the rules of the respective ISP/NIC/WhoIs service and promise that you have a legal reason to view the data and not to abuse it. ViaThinkSoft does not save or cache any of the displayed data. All data is requsted by the client and is forwarded to him. All shown content is copyrighted by the respective NIC or content provider. You may not use or redistribute this data and you have to follow the rules of the respective NIC. By request of a NIC, ViaThinkSoft will block outgoing requests to that NIC.

You can contact the webmaster via email at webmaster (at) viathinksoft (dot) de

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