Quality Assurance results



Every night, the script .../maintenance/qa-monitor/run (included in the package) will be executed to detect possible problems automatically.

Here is the output (last checked 2023-03-31 00:03:42):

* Check if every deleted TLD has a notice ( https://whois.viathinksoft.de/iana-utils/tld-watcher/tld_deleted_list.php )
[ OK ]
* Check if every TLD has a single whois entry
[ OK ]
* Check if TLDs have the latest Root-Whois-Server URLs ( https://whois.viathinksoft.de/iana-utils/root-whois-watcher/root_whois_list.php )
Note: For following TLDs, the root whois server may be commented out: GP
[ OK ]
* Check if there is a newer official version of gwhois which needs to be merged with the ViaThinkSoft fork
[ OK ]
* Check if IANA has (probably) a TLD whois list in https://data.iana.org/TLD/
[ OK ]
* Check the status of whois-ping
[ !! ] whois.tonic.to down for 12 days; first fail: 2023-03-18
* Check syntax of all script files (Perl, PHP)
[ OK ]